SShhhhh….400 Years of Silence

English: Evora roman temple at sunset

English: Evora roman temple at sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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When God Wore a Costume: A Halloween – Christmas Story {Object Lesson}

Christmas Story

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For Such a Time as This

Time as This

There comes a time when God moves so that permanent change takes place. There are moments when His glory is so profound that one cannot help but brake because of the light that is shining and piercing the soul. There comes an instant when a person realizes that the gauntlet has been thrown down and God wants His child to respond.

So how does one respond at such a time?

How do I respond?

I responded tonight with a broken heart and total surrender.

How else can one even stand before a Holy God who loves unconditionally?

He takes my fears and my insecurities and transforms them into jewels in a crown of righteousness.

Reader, I know that all 300 or so of those following FFS do not read this blog every time I post. That’s just how the blogging world is. But YOU are reading now, and I want you to know that I am writing this blog for YOU. I am writing to the mom who just wants to get through the day without baby spit-up on her shirt. I am writing to the working dad who has wonderful grandchildren. I am writing to the Children’s Ministry worker who wants to do well for the Lord. I am writing to the homeschool mom who feels she just doesn’t have her act together today.

I have YOUR attention for a few minutes of the day, but it is my heart that the words you read here point you to Jesus EVERY time you choose to open up a post. Do you know that I pray for you? I do. I may not know your name, but God does.

Reader, I pray that God does something amazing with you today. OWN your brokenness. Surrender. Do His will. He has you exactly where He wants you…for such a time as this.

Go be extraordinary for Jesus today!

The Standard Used By a Christ-Focused Parent

If Jesus is to be the standard used by a Christ-Focused Parent, then we should probably study how Jesus behaved. Throughout scripture we learn that God cares more about who we are, than what we do. What is in our hearts is what is reflected through our actions, words, and thoughts. If a parent is who he or she ought to be in Christ, then many parenting and teaching problems are solved. Not all of them, but many.

I see this exemplified in my homeschool, and in the past when I was a classroom teacher. There would be times (and still are) when I would become so frustrated with the students. Either they would misbehave, or not seem to understand a concept I had been teaching over and over again. And once I got myself into a tizzy, I then realized that if I would just change one thing about my delivery of the subject, or my tone of voice, or my proximity in the room, then the behavior of the students changed. I had to change before I could get my students to change.

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Tell Yourself the Truth

The kids and I went to visit family while my husband was on a mission trip to Nicaragua. We had a great time. We even took a quick stop in Savannah to ride one of the ferries. But THIS was my drive home:


I have been under a great deal of stress before, but I don’t think I’ve been under such intense pressure for such a long time. I drove through FIVE hours of pouring rain and flooding. I was terrified I would either hydro-plain off the road, or someone would run into me. I decided to get off the interstate because it had become a parking lot. Instead, I drove on smaller two lane roads. At one point in one little town, the police were blocking roads because of the water gushing down the street. Continue reading

I’m Going Back to Weight Watchers

I know my Pastor aimed Sunday’s sermon to the men in the sanctuary, but God used it to reinforce the spiritual beating He’s been giving to me recently.

God is tired of my excuses…and I must admit, I’m tired of giving them and trying to hide behind them.

“By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, choosing rather to endure ill-treatment with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin, considering the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt; for he was looking to the reward.” ~ Hebrews 11:24-26

When he had grown up…I need to do this when it comes to losing weight. I need to own it. I need to take responsibility for what I put in my mouth. I need to get myself out of bed and exercise. I need to be writing down what I eat. No more, “I just don’t have time,” excuses. Continue reading

Feeling Overwhelmed? You Aren’t the Only One

A sweet friend of mine leaned across the choir row to me this morning before church and said, “I am so glad I saw your Facebook post about feeling overwhelmed! I have been too. You seem to always have it all together!”FrazzledCat

Oh my! I need to stop this lie right now!

Here is my post from my personal FB page:

I am feeling so overwhelmed right now. I don’t know which way to turn. And it’s not bad stuff…just a lot of stuff. I’m trying to prioritize so I don’t shut down. I’m needin’ a little power that doesn’t belong to me. Just breathe and do the next thing…

Now keep in mind that this blog is all about being real and being honest. So please humor me while I honestly set the record straight: I do not have it all together. Continue reading

Need Encouragement? See the New FFS Page Heading

Hello Readers!! I am excited to share with you the new HEADING at the top of the FSS blog page. fall with scripture

So many of you have commented, either on the FSS blog or to me in person, about how much you enjoy the May I Encourage You? segments that I have written. Therefore, I’ve added the Need Encouragement section at the top of the page which allows for easy access to those quick devotional posts.

As the Lord leads, and I write more of these posts, I’ll add them to the list. In the mean time, please be encouraged in the Lord and share that encouragement with others.

Have a fantastic day!!  ~FSS

Solomon the Great ~ 1 Kings 1-10 (Object Lesson)

Materials: a pair of eye glasses (not sunglasses)Solomon Object Lesson


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