I Will Boast in God ~ His Eye is on the Sparrow

I am so thankful for this sweet blogging friend of mine! Abby has stuck with FFS since the beginning, I think. I value her comments and I am honored to have her as the first blogger in the I Will Boast in God series. I don’t think we boast enough in God, so I hope you will find encouragement and excitement in her story as she shares an example of how God has worked in her life. Enjoy!  ~ FFS


I was sitting on my bed looking out the window of my family’s fourth story apartment home in Taiwan.  Outside were many more city buildings and a smog-filled sky.  A morning glory plant with several blooms was winding its way around the bars of my window.

What filled my mind as I sat there?  Probably all the silly worries that a middle school girl would have.  Then I remembered a passage of scripture, Matthew 6:25-34.  It is about how God takes care of the flowers and the birds.  We are so much more important to God than those things so doesn’t it stand to reason that God would take better care of us?  Verse 34 says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Continue reading

Solomon the Great ~ 1 Kings 1-10 (Object Lesson)

Materials: a pair of eye glasses (not sunglasses)Solomon Object Lesson


Geography: Israel, Solomon’s kingdom Continue reading

Preschool – Lower Elementary Bird Unit


This is the fourth in a unit series on animals. We learned about mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles with about four-six weeks per animal type. I started out wanting to study animals that we find around the house…and we did. But then I couldn’t help myself but add more fun, intriguing animals!

The "birds" in their nest.

The “birds” in their nest.

The objectives come from the Core Knowledge Series-kindergarten and first grade.


• Animals, like plants, need food, water, and space to live and grow.
• Plants make their own food, but animals get food from eating plants or other living things.
• Offspring are very much (but not exactly) like their parents.
• Most animal babies need to be fed and cared for by their parents; human babies are
especially in need of care when young.
• Pets have special needs and must be cared for by their owners.
• Living things live in environments to which they are particularly suited.
• Specific habitats and what lives there, for example:
Desert [cactus, lizard, scorpion]
• The food chain: a way of picturing the relationships between living things
Animals: big animals eat little ones, big animals die and are eaten by little ones. Continue reading

A Great Nation Under King David ~ 1 Samuel 16-2 Samuel 11 (Object Lesson)

Materials: Candy box filled with yucky treats (onions, stinky socks…); yummy treats (optional)


Geography: Israel, David’s kingdom Continue reading

May I Encourage You? – God Loves You More Than the Birds

“Mama!! We found a dead bird!”

Yep. They sure had. It was right at the edge of the wall of the garage under the window. Obviously the little thing had flown right into the window and had died on impact. Not a Sparrow Falls Verse_thumb[1]

And I’ll be honest. I think the body is still there. I had all intentions of getting a shovel to bury the poor thing. Then I asked my husband to please do it. Then we discussed just getting a shovel and tossing the carcass into the woods. And like I said…I think the body is still there.

Aren’t you glad God doesn’t treat us like that?

He knows when each and every sparrow falls.

And He knows when you are having a rough day, when life has thrown darts at you, or when you run smack into a window.

If you ran into a window today, shake the dazed look off your face, put on a smile, and thank God for loving you more than the birds. Jesus died for you…not the birds.

Be encouraged…and share it with someone else. 🙂

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Israel’s First King ~ 1 Samuel 8-15


Geography: Israel

The army of Israel took the ark of the covenant into battle with them hoping they would win, like maybe God was a good luck charm. It didn’t work. In fact, not only did the army lose, but the ark of the covenant was captured by the enemy! The prophecy of Samuel came true and Eli, the priest, lost the priesthood from his family when both of his sons were killed in the battle. 1 Samuel 5:1-4 tells us the story of what happened to the Philistines and the ark. It’s a great story of the power of God! Eventually the ark was sent back to Israel and it stayed in the home of a man named Abinadab for 20 years. Continue reading

Dear Children…

Dear Children,

While I know you want so much to do what you want to do with no repercussions, I’m afraid such behavior will not happen under my watch.

There will be no throwing of legos under any circumstances; and throwing the ball over and over again at the bedroom door, while loud and exciting, is not being a good steward of the blessing of having your own bedroom.

It does not matter how much toothpaste you have on your toothbrush or where exactly it is placed on the toothbrush. And there is no need to fall on the floor in anguish when such a thing happens not to your liking. Continue reading

I Think I’m Going Through a Mid-Life Crisis

I really think I am. I’m the right age for one, I guess. Perhaps its a “maturing” thing as one gets older. I don’t know. While I’m not planning on buying the red sports car just yet, I have been asking some pointed questions.mid life crisis

Have you asked these questions of yourself?

Am I doing anything that really matters?
What is my calling?
Time is flying by. What do I have to show for it?
What do I really believe?
What will happen when I die?
What if everything I’ve given my life to is a lie?

These are some big-time questions that have been rolling around in my brain the past few months. And Reader, I have to admit my faith has been really small. Perhaps this isn’t so much a mid-life crisis, as it is a crisis of belief.

Have you noticed that when you decide to get serious about God and Who He is, then reality as you know it changes? Your perspectives towards things of the world changes. Your opinions on matters of the heart change. Your political stance on heated issues become more conservative, or liberal. And then you begin questioning who you are, why you are on this earth, and what your purpose is. Continue reading

May I Encourage You? ~ Suffer Well

Do you like it when bad things happen to good people? Or to you? I know I don’t, yet the Bible tells us that while you and I are living on this sinful earth that we will have troubles.john16_33

We can take heart though! Jesus has overcome the world! And until the Lord calls us home, we need to learn how to suffer well.

We could whine and complain. But that’s what our kids do.

Bad times will come. If you aren’t in a hard time right now, then just wait.

So how can we suffer well and, at the same time, teach our kids the same lesson?

1. Face the problem. Determine what is bothering you. Ask your kids what is bothering them. What are you concerned about? Don’t model to your kids how to “stuff” an issue away, or yell out the problem. Model how to identify a problem. Continue reading

Judge, Priest, and Prophet ~ Samuel (1 Samuel 1-7 – Object Lesson)

Materials: a “lucky” item, like a rabbit’s foot, or a ball cap


Geography: Israel

During the years of the judges, there was great sin and darkness. Once Joshua died there was no leadership, no king, and no government. Each tribe did it’s own thing. The people fell into gross idolatry and gross immorality to the point that “everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” BUT God did not forget His promise to Abraham and He was at work through a young Moabite lady named Ruth. Through Ruth, God would bring about a king and THE King. Continue reading