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I am a storyteller. All of my easy, FREE Bible lessons for kids have objectives, but I tell the story. Sometimes I have props, but most of the time I just have the Bible. I am finding that children want “real truth.” They are hungry for it. They don’t need a lot of fancy bells, whistles, and lights. Simplicity is just fine. But the main Truth I try to emphasize during each lesson is that ALL of these “stories” and not really “stories” like fairy tales. They are historical narratives that REALLY happened to REAL people, just like them. And if God used the messed up people from the old days, then He will use any and all of us to spread His glory.

I add a new lesson each week. Be sure to “Follow” so you don’t miss the next one!

Salvation Messages:

Cool Paper Folding Message
Valentine’s Day Message
Salvation Story Drawn on a Napkin
Simple Names of Jesus Christmas Salvation Message
How to Counsel a Child for Salvation

Teaching Biblical Truth to Children – A Young Child’s Catechism

How to Draw the Bible – Part One (Genesis through Deuteronomy)
How to Draw the Bible – Part Two (Joshua through Esther)
How to Draw the Bible – Part Three (The New Testament)

Old Testament Lessons:

The Beginning: Genesis 1 Object Lesson
Creation in 6 Days ~ Genesis 1 Object Lesson
The Fall: Genesis 2-3 (Sin Object Lesson)

The Fall in the Garden~ Genesis 3 (Object Lesson)
Sin Spreads: Genesis 4 (Object Lesson)
Sin Will Touch Others ~ Genesis 4 Object Lesson
Genealogies are Awesome! ~ Genesis 5 Chart Lesson
The Story of Noah Isn’t all Cute and Fuzzy ~ Genesis 6-9 (Object Lesson)
Languages Spread ~ Genesis 11 (picture book lesson)

Languages + Fast-Forward to Moses (Genesis 10 and 11, etc)
God’s Promise to Abram ~ Genesis 15 (Object Lesson)
Abraham’s Sacrifice ~ Genesis 22 (Salvation Message)
Jacob’s Deceitfulness ~ Genesis 27 (Object Lesson)
Why Was Jacob’s Name Changed? ~ Genesis 32
The Story of Joseph in a Nutshell ~ Genesis 37-47 (Object Lesson)
The Story of Moses in a Nutshell ~ Exodus 1-12 (Birth of Moses to Plagues)
The Story of Moses in a Nutshell ~ Exodus 12-13 (The Passover)
The Story of Moses in a Nutshell ~ Exodus 14-24 (The Law-Object Lesson)
The Ten Commandments (Genesis 20 + Hand Motions)
The Tabernacle (Elementary Level – Picture Object Lesson)  <—- One of my favorites!!!!
The Story of Moses in a Nutshell ~ Exodus 26 – Numbers 14 (Wanderings)
God’s Battle Plan ~ (Deuteronomy 34-Joshua 1,6,10-24)
A Light in the Darkness (Judges and Ruth)
Judge, Priest, and Prophet ~ Samuel (1 Samuel 1-7 – Object Lesson)
A Great Nation Under King David ~ 1 Samuel 16-2 Samuel 11 (Object Lesson)
Solomon the Great ~ 1 Kings 1-10 (Object Lesson)
The Great Nation Divides ~ 1 Kings 11-14
Divided Kingdom and Consequences ~ 1 Kings 16 – 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles
The End of the Old Testament ~ Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
Brief Review of the Old Testament from the Ten Commandments to Jesus

New Testament Lessons:

Years of Silence, Then the Messiah Comes! (The Gospels) {*Gospel Presentation*}
Shhh….400 Years of Silence
Is This a Joke God? ~ Luke 1
When God Wore a Costume: A Halloween – Christmas Story {Object Lesson}

The Book of Acts:
The Beginning of the Church ~ Acts 2
Acts 19
Acts 20 – 21:13: Going to Jerusalem
Jerusalem ~ Acts 21:14 – 22:30

Trials Begin ~ Acts 23
THREE Trials ~ Acts 24-26
Ship Wrecked! ~ Acts 27
The End? ~ Acts 28

Galatians 5:22
(Fruit of the Spirit)
Ephesians 6:10-17 (Armor of God)
How to Live Life Before Jesus Returns ~ Romans – Revelation

**Free Bible Lessons for Kids is updated each week during the school year. Look for The Life of Jesus lessons coming this fall!

17 comments on “Free Bible Lessons

  1. Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I used the second lesson tonight about Cain and Abel. I told any kids who wanted to that they could try the apple cider vinegar AFTER club. So one student who is being raised by his grandma drug her back in with his Sparks sister and his Cubbies brother. Each of them had to have a sip. The T&Ter made a face, but drank all of the inch in the cup; the Spark nearly spit it out everywhere; and the Cubbie drank it all, liked it, and wanted more!!!

    The important thing is that I think this is an answer to prayer. We are reading the Scriptures throughout the lesson and letting kids take turns doing this. The science aspect has really held their attention and got them excited.

    But it is really the Scripture. They were asking all kinds of questions (who was Cain’s wife, etc…), but really seemed to “get it!”

    Thank you! Our club is being blessed by your lessons, and I couldn’t do these on my own without your great lessons and God’s leading. Blessings! Heidi

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  7. I just wanted to thank you for offering this. As a mom of 5 children that I home educate I have tried to figure out a way to make Bible lessons not only a BIG part of our day but to make them fun & interesting for the kids. I want them to LOVE the Bible and God like I do. You have a wonderful gift and I REALLY appreciate you sharing that with the rest of us. Now I can spend more time having fun with the kids and less time trying to figure out how to make a short Bible lesson fun for them. You just took all the work out of it! God has blessed you with a wonderful gift…thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world!
    Blessings to you all!

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