The Beginning ~ Genesis 1 (Creation Object Lesson)



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The Bible is the most exciting book you will ever read! It is filled with wonderful stories of adventure and love, treachery and friendship. This book was written by many men over thousands of years. But the neatest thing is that every man wrote a different story about the exact same thing: God’s relationship with mankind. In the Old Testament we learn about what God is doing. In the New Testament, through Jesus’ words, we learn what God is saying.

Before there was this world we live in, there was God. Genesis 1:1 tells us “In the beginning God…” There was nothing else. Just God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. God created heaven where He reigns. He created the angels and gave them all specific jobs. And scripture tells us that there was one angel who became proud and disobeyed God. This angle’s name was Lucifer. He became the enemy of God. The Bible says that Lucifer was cast down out of the heavens and he now fights against God for something very special.

And this book, the Bible, tells us the story of who God and Satan are fighting over. Can you guess? People. Humanity. There is a fight going on in the heavenlies over and around us; and knowing scripture from the Lord is the only way we know who wins in the end. Do you know who wins? God!

Creation Object Lesson

Can you make legos out of nothing? No? Ok, well, try speaking to a pile of loose legos and tell them to make a spaceship. Will they move? Of course not. You have to use your fingers and materials, such as legos, to create something. But God didn’t. He is all powerful!!

Main Events of the Genesis 1:

God created everything out of nothing. Can you do that? Not only did He create out of nothing, but he SPOKE and everything came to be. Can you do that?

It is actually quite simple to remember the order in which God created the world. First He created the scenery, then he created the items to put in the scenery. On Day 1, God created light and darkness. On Day 2, God created the atmosphere and the ocean. On Day 3, He created the land and vegetation. So the scene is set. And how gorgeous and perfect it was! After each day God looked at what He had made and said it was good.

Now it is time to fill the scene. On Day 4, God created the sun, moon and stars to give off and reflect the light that was created on Day 1. On Day 5, He created the birds and the sea animals which filled the atmosphere and the oceans from Day 2. On Day 6, He created animals and man to live on the land and in the forests which He created on Day 3. And God looked at everything He had made and thought it was good. But when He looked at man, He didn’t say, “It is good.” Instead God said, “It is VERY good.”

Life Application of The Story of the Beginning:

God is an all powerful being. He can do anything. Would you rather be “good” or “very good?” God looks at us and says, “VERY good!” You are special. You were created for a purpose. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Despite our sin, despite our faults, God loves us. And He always will.


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