The Story of Joseph in a Nutshell ~ Genesis 37-47 (Object Lesson)

Joseph Object LessonMaterials: flashlight; dark colored washcloth or towel


Geography: locate the Canaan, Egypt, and Goshen


Abraham had passed the 4 part covenant on to Isaac, who passed it to Jacob. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. Jacob was the father of 12 sons. During all these years, Egypt had combined the Upper and Lower kingdoms to create one nation of Egypt.

Main Events of Genesis 37-47:

(Turn on the flashlight.) What can you tell me about light? [it shines, we can see with it, it’s not dark] What would happen if I try to cover it up? (Put the washcloth over the lens.) Can you still see the light? [it isn’t as bright, but yes the light can still be seen.]

English: Joseph made ruler in EgyptJacob had 12 sons. The 11th son’s name was Joseph and God used him in a powerful way. In everything Joseph did, he allowed God to shine through him, even when he went through darker, more difficult times. Here’s the story in a nutshell:

  • Joseph has dreams; he tells his brothers and father
  • his brothers are jealous; Joseph has been given a coat of many colors from his father
  • the brothers are tending sheep; Joseph goes to check on them
  • the brothers plot to kill Joseph; Reuben has the idea of putting Joseph in a pit instead
  • Judah has the idea to sell Joseph to traders; they do and take the colored coat with animal blood on it to Jacob
  • Joseph is sold as a slave in Egypt to Potipher; Joseph is blessed because God is with him
  • Potipher’s wife falsely accuses Joseph and he goes to jail
  • Joseph is blessed because the Lord is with him; he is given leadership of the other prisoners
  • Pharaoh’s baker and cup-bearer are put in jail; they have dreams; Joseph interprets them correctly
  • Joseph is forgotten about by the cup-bearer
  • Pharaoh has a dream; Joseph is remembered
  • Joseph interprets the dream; Joseph becomes second in command of all Egypt
  • Famine; Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt for food
  • Joseph forgives them; Jacob and the family move to Egypt and live in the land of Goshen

Life Application of the Story of Joseph:

Joseph allowed his light to shine continuously, no matter his circumstances. Potipher, the jailer, and Pharaoh all knew that there was something different about Joseph. That’s how Christians are supposed to be. People around us should be able to tell that there is something different. [Turn on the flashlight.] If we have Jesus as our Savior, then His light is inside of us wanting to shine in everything we say and do. [Put the cloth over the flashlight for each example of tough times.] Like Joseph, we may have to make tough and sacrificial decisions in order to obey the Lord. Like Joseph, we might go through dark times and have to deal with being forgotten. But we must always remember that God was with Joseph and He blessed Joseph. If we stick with God, He’ll do the same for us. And because of Joseph’s loyalty to the Lord, God used him mightily to bring about His promise.

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