Child development and education fascinate me. Every person goes through stages of development to reach maturity; and everyone is educated in one way or another, whether formally or experientially. And people are so passionate about it!! If you speak to an elementary teacher, a home school mom, a professor, or a special needs instructor one’s head can spin with all of the opinions, research, and politics that are involved.

I don’t feel I am an expert, although I hold a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. There are people in this world who know so much more than I do, but I do have some experience and knowledge. I was raised going to a Christian school during my elementary and middle school years. I went to a public high school (Go Lions!) and secular university (Go Noles!). One of the best blessings of my education was to study at Columbia International University for my graduate work under some of the most amazing Christian professors. I taught in the classroom and now I am into my second year of home schooling.

I want to do well. I think most parents do. So whether a parent sends their child to public school, private school, Christian school, or home school, a family needs to find what is best for their family. For us, right now, we do school at home. We reevaluate each year. But this works for us.

5 comments on “Homeschooling

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  2. Hello again,
    My wife and I are looking at Home school resources. Currently my wife pulls together most of the curriculum in order to save on the insane costs of some of the stuff out there. Have you or anyone in your sphere of influence had any experience with “Switched on Schoolhouse” and if so we are looking for feedback about it.

    Thanks so Much 🙂

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