Scope and Sequence 2012

Every teacher needs a scope and sequence, or a plan, for the year. I run my year from January to December instead of the normal August to June. I also do year-round school which is great because we can take a day or week off whenever we want and it doesn’t disrupt anything.

RB is 5 years old. I homeschooled him last year (2011) using various preschool materials, but nothing formal except Saxon Kindergarten Math. I did use the Kindergarten Core Knowledge book for guidance. I also used Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We made it to about lesson 60 and RB gave out on me. BUT the cool thing about homeschooling is: I can find something else to teach with! So I pulled in the Abeka Kindergarten Enrichment series and the first book in the first grade series. Then the year ended.

In 2012 RB worked on:
Grade 1 Saxon Math (doing two days per lesson once the fact tests began),
A Reason for Spelling (about 2 weeks per spelling list),
Abeka Grade 1 Reading
100 Easy Lessons (he has 20 lessons left!)
Positive Action Kindergarten (Bible)
ASCI Kindergarten (Bible)
Awana (Bible)
Art, Music, Spanish, sign language, and kindergarten Latin (These are different activities that go along with Bible, Science, or Social Studies. This also includes CDs we listen to in the car. That is a GREAT place to teach music and languages.)
Science: (Apologia and Classical Education as a base with LOTS of books from the library)
Human Body: cells, skeleton, bones, muscles, brain, eye, heart, blood, ears, nose, digestion, taste/teeth/food, private parts, skin, 5 senses, germs, feelings, safety. A list of books I used can be found HERE.
Plants: See unit HERE
Animals: Mammals, Fish, Reptiles

I have chosen, at this point, to push off history. We’ve done some Social Studies such as geography, map skills, and even biographies. But for now I want my kids to know as much of the scriptures as possible. Next year, in January, I plan on beginning some state history and then adding US history. Once RB knows about where he lives and has a simple foundation of Bible history, then I will add in ancient history.

Sweet Cheeks is 3 years old and has started Preschool this year along with the Saxon Kindergarten book. And she is doing well. I pulled a bunch of “preschool workbooks” for her to work on and she has completed a few of those. She also has the kindergarten Hooked on Phonics book that I picked up somewhere. But she usually just tags along with RB whenever we do science, art, and music. If she gets bored…off she goes to play. She loves her school time though. I wasn’t planning on doing much more with her, but she has had such a desire to read that I have started the 100 Easy Lessons with her. We shall see how the year progresses with her.

I also do a calendar time with them. You can see what I do for that HERE.
The kids also work on their chores throughout the week. You can see what I do for those HERE.

Thoughts? Feel free to share.

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