Moment by Moment Christ-Focused Teaching

So many parents think they are not equipped to teach their children. That is a lie from the pit of hell! God specifically tells us parents to teach our children diligently. I’m not saying homeschool, even though this is a homeschool series. Homeschooling does not work for every family. What I’m saying is, we parents need to wisely use the time we have with our kids.

If your kids are saved…what are you doing, moment by moment, to encourage their spiritual growth?

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The Standard Used By a Christ-Focused Parent

If Jesus is to be the standard used by a Christ-Focused Parent, then we should probably study how Jesus behaved. Throughout scripture we learn that God cares more about who we are, than what we do. What is in our hearts is what is reflected through our actions, words, and thoughts. If a parent is who he or she ought to be in Christ, then many parenting and teaching problems are solved. Not all of them, but many.

I see this exemplified in my homeschool, and in the past when I was a classroom teacher. There would be times (and still are) when I would become so frustrated with the students. Either they would misbehave, or not seem to understand a concept I had been teaching over and over again. And once I got myself into a tizzy, I then realized that if I would just change one thing about my delivery of the subject, or my tone of voice, or my proximity in the room, then the behavior of the students changed. I had to change before I could get my students to change.

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The Role of a Christ-Focused Parent

In order to have a Christ-focused home, a Christ-focused homeschool, or even a Christ-focused family, you have to be sure of one thing…

That the parent(s) are Christ-focused.

There are plenty of “parent-help” books out there. It’s a HUGE industry! And every “Expert” has his own way of doing things. Some advice is right on the money, others not so much. But all of those books, video series, and conferences are produced by fallible people. I am SO grateful I serve a God who cares about His own and gives them directions on how to do the hard things. We are not doing this parenting job alone. We just have to be willing to sit down and study the scriptures to know what those directions are.

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5 Days of a Christ-Focused Homeschool

I, and a multitude of other TOS homeschool moms, joined forces to create some amazing blog posts just for YOU. All of the posts feature 5 Days of…..Something. I wrote posts that explain how to develop a Christ-Focused Homeschool. But to be honest, these Truths and tips that I will be sharing this week aren’t just for families who homeschool. ALL parents are called by God to train their children in the way they should go. So if you are a parent, this series on FFS is for you.


During the week I will be discussing 5 topics:
1. The Role of a Christ-Focused Parent
2. The Standard Used By a Christ-Focused Parent
3. The Goal of Christ-Focused Homeschooling
4. Resources for a Christ-Focused Homeschool
5. Moment by Moment Christ-Focused Teaching

I hope that you will join the discussion and add your ideas and thoughts to the mix. I am far from figuring out this whole “parenting” thing. But I do have a few mentors who’ve been a round the block once or twice, and I share a few things I’ve learned over the years.

There is a spiritual battle raging against your family. I know I want mine to be as strong as possible. Perhaps you do as well.

How to Host a 6 Year Old’s Military Themed Birthday Party


It happened.

My son can no longer be considered as a preschooler, but as a young boy. I can’t believe my Miracle Baby is 6 years old! Where does the time go?

So RB wanted a Military Birthday Party. It was a fun theme.

Here is what we did:

1. We kept it simple and as cheap as possible. For past birthdays I’ve been more frivolous, so this was a good challenge for me. Simple table cloths, balloons, homemade cake with ice cream, and small goody bags. Nothing stressful.

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A Visit to the “Beauty Parlor”

It was called the “Hair and Lips Center.” I was invited by two short people to have my hair and lips “done.” All  of the supplies were spread out over the footstool and a small chair was in front for me to sit in. I had a nice pile of Little Critter books to read while “Andi and Joe” were working on my hair.hair1

I had two colors of sparkle lip gloss put on; a comb stuck on the side of my head and hair bows all over. Continue reading

I Will Boast in God ~ All Things For Good

Here is Angie’s story from Raising Sticky Hands to Heaven. I have been loving these stories that show God in His glory and at work in all areas of life. Angie’s story is no different. Enjoy!  ~ FFS


Angie with youngest baby just a few days after birthAfter the birth of my last child, I just didn’t seem to “bounce back” as quick as I had with the other 4. At first I thought it was probably because I was nearing 30 and not the young whipper snapper I was when I had my first. After a few months, however, I decided it was time to see a doctor. After over a year of many tests and attempts to “fix” my pain, I was given the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

Chronic pain can be so overwhelming and exhausting at times that I’m unable to think straight. To not admit that I have questioned why this has happened to me would be a lie. There have been times that I’ve questioned my capabilities because of my disability. The Lord knows what He is doing though, and I’ve learned to have faith in His plan.

There have been 2 scriptures that I’ve been clinging to since the pain began. The first one is Isaiah 53:5, ” But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” I know I can be healed, however, until then I will continue to do what God has called me to do. I will boast in God and HIS abilities, not mine. In spite of my pain and fatigue, I will do His work! I will raise my children to walk in His ways, teach them at home, be a good wife to my husband, and help others in any way I can. I don’t care how much this pain tries to keep me down, I will keep going. Continue reading

Out of the Mouths of Babes…

I went looking for the kids this afternoon as they were playing outside. I found Sweet Cheeks hoeing in the garden.daddy

Me: Whoa! What are you doing?
Sweet Cheeks: Mama! There’s grass growing in the garden. I want to hoe it for daddy.Me: You don’t need to do that. Daddy can till it another day.
Sweet Cheeks: No Mama. I want to hoe it for Daddy so he doesn’t have to till. I want to take his place, just like Jesus died and took my place.

I had no words after that.

I Will Boast in God ~ Divine Protection

Clay Writer (aka Doug) has been a faithful follower of FFS and I am happy to introduce him to you! He has many years of experience with Children’s Ministry and has published his first book. Be sure to visit his blog and read about his recent trip to Africa. It will bless you! Enjoy!  ~ FFS



For most young men attending college in Southern California the ‘party-life’ was as natural as breathing. You went to school, studied sometimes, worked whatever job you could get and went to parties.

Me; well I was shy and avoided those challenging social encounters that most people my age considered to be important.

I was a Christian. I knew there were drinking, drugs, and other enticing things, (girls) at parties that probably would lead to trouble. I chose to say no whenever I was asked to attend a party.

This time was different. This party was going to be at the beach at night.

I loved the beach. I felt as comfortable in raging surf and ten-foot breakers crashing over my head as any other place. If I felt uncomfortable at the party I could jump into the surf and ride some waves. I decided I would go to this beach-party.

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