FutureFlyingSaucers in Moving! Please Come With Me!

Yes. It’s been very quiet around here!

But exciting things have been taking place. FFS will no longer be at WordPress.com.

I am now over at:


If you still want to be a part of the FFS Community, (and I hope you will!) then I need you to click on the huge link above and subscribe for me. I have no idea if WordPress is going to move all of you for me or not, but if you do it on your own, then you have no worries!

If you are following FFS on Facebook, you do not need to do anything. That will not change.

Also, if you happen to find a picture that disappeared, or a link that doesn’t work…please contact me and let me know so I can get it fixed.

I have a few posts backlogged, so as soon as all of the kinks are worked out, and I’ve waited for you all to join me, expect a post.

Have a fantastic day, and at this point I will say, “Goodbye FFS.wordpress.com”. It’s been a fantastic beginning!!!

5 comments on “FutureFlyingSaucers in Moving! Please Come With Me!

      • Did you need help? How many hours would you say it took? There’s no way I have time now, but come the New Year, I might want to switch to have more freedom and make things easier when my book launches.
        Moving is always so much work I never look forward to it. Having friends try things out first makes it so much easier!

      • If you decide to do it, let me know. It took elbow grease on our part to get it done. I followed all the directions I could find, asked support, etc…and in the end it took importing about 5 times in a row to get everything on the site.

      • Oh, wow! I was afraid of that. My husband has never messed with blogging, so I’d be on my own.
        I’ll ask Jesus what He thinks and maybe wait until I have a little capital to invest.
        Thanks. 🙂

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