Reader Appreciation Award!!

I received another AWARD! Thank you Sandy over at LBTK!! Sandy has become a “friend across cyberspace” to me. I appreciate her!!

And I do appreciate you Readers! After all, if no one read the words I wrote, what fun would blogging be? I value your comments and I receive joy from your “likes.”

There are a few of you whom I see face to face on a weekly basis. You all encourage me so much! So this award goes to the following “Email Followers:”  Summer, Vicki, Brooke, Sherri, Pam, and Kim. You ladies leave comments for me all the time and I love my friendships with you all!!

As for all you Blog Followers, I’m going to give this award to the last 15 people who signed up to “follow” my blog! Here we go!

So now it’s your turn! Pass on the award and continue the spirit of this Blogging Community! (I guess I should let you all know you GOT the award!)

Happy Blogging!!

A Thank You to my blog’s Top 5 Commenters!

Hello Readers!!

I wanted to take just 1 minute of your time to thank you for reading this…this blog, my thoughts… about my crazy family, homeschooling stuff, and my musings about my Master Creator.

As with all blogs, it’s the “likes” and “comments” that grow the community of the blogging world.

And you need to know that I appreciate you!

I have been amazed to see my little spot of cyberspace grow to over 7,000 hits and 8o Followers. Now, I am not naive. I know that everyone who “Follows” does not actually read my posts. But for those of you who actually do, I’d like to recognize the “Top Blog Commenters” on my site. 🙂 Continue reading