PLEASE! Eat your food!

We went on vacation this past weekend. We packed up the kids and the car and blasted off hoping to make a few memories.

We get to the house belonging to the friends we were staying with and were greeted by a welcome sign. How many hotels will welcome you with a sweet sign made with crayolas?

Everything was going so well! We unloaded the car and then decided to go to the beach and just hang out for the evening. We had pizza for dinner, the kids played some more, all took baths, we had Bible time together, and then off to bed went the kids so the adults could have some nice “catch up time” conversation.

Then breakfast arrived. My beautiful hostess had prepared a great breakfast. I was really excited to be eating well, and I didn’t have to cook! (Although I did ask to help and clean up.)

And then a nightmare came true. Continue reading

Motivating Kids to do Their Chores

“Please go clean your room.”
“But I don’t want to.”
“But I am asking you as your mother to go clean your room. Please choose to be obedient.”

(At this point I’ll get one of two responses…)

*UGH! huff, puff, kick the floor and he moves like molasses* –OR– “NO! I don’t WANT to!” (child throws herself on the floor, kicks and screams.)

And there I am. The mother who thinks she is a witch for asking these little people to go clean up toys which might get stepped on and broken. I’m frustrated, tired, and at a loss. Continue reading

Place Mats for Prisoners #2

Last night in Awana, the kids worked on a service project. A few of the people in my church are affiliated with a prison ministry. Twice a year some of the men and women in the correctional facility are allowed to go on a “retreat” of sorts. Speakers and volunteers from local churches provide service for meals and teach the inmates about Jesus.

My Awana kids were asked to participate in this ministry by decorating place mats and coloring posters.

I was so blessed by the kids’ creations and I wanted to share them with you. May the Lord bless you as He did me. Continue reading

Sixth Month Anniversary of FFS!!

Wow how time flies! It’s been just over six months since Future.Flying.Saucers. began. It’s been wonderful to meet new people and learn from you.

In honor of this occasion, here is a list of the Top 10 Blog posts of FFS. These are the posts with the highest number of views, which means YOU all are the ones who read them, liked them, and then shared them with others.

Awesome Children’s Salvation Object Lesson

Are You Producing? Galatians 5:22 (Fruit of the Spirit Object Lesson)

Are You Dressed? Ephesians 6:10-17 Continue reading

The BEST Website Video Series for Teaching Kids Hygene and Manners

I stumbled upon this website around 4 years ago. My kids LOVE watching Crawford!!

Here’s the description of Crawford from their website:
“Crawford the Cat is a fun and engaging character that stars in educational health and social skills videos for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary students. Through the use of online games, printable coloring pages, virtual books, and entertaining videos, Crawford imparts simple lessons on personal grooming, manners, exercise and nutrition.”

My kids sit and watch the videos on the computer, but I plan on investing in the DVD. (In fact, I just bought it!) We watch it THAT much! And now the website has free teacher plans, printables, and online games.



(The DVD would make a great Christmas gift! And they are on sale for $19.99 until the end of the month!!)

Smile! It’s Friday!! #7

During lunch yesterday we read this paragraph from Little Pilgrim’s Progress by Helen Taylor:

Then Mercy, turning to look behind her, and saw a lion coming after them. It began to roar as it drew near, and Great Heart made the children go behind him while he waited for the savage beast. But when the creature saw that its enemy was prepared to fight instead of running away, it crouched down upon the path and came no farther. Continue reading