Where in the World is FFS? (Woburn Safari Park and Clue 4)

So were you able to figure out the Part 3 location? The answer is Woburn Safari Park. What an amazing adventure that was!! This place has their act together. The place was clean. The price was good for what we received. We bought all inclusive tickets which gave us entry into the park, we each received a hot meal and a drink, and we were able to see the sea lion show.

I highly recommend this place. At many entertainment parks in the US, I always feel like the park just wants my money. They don’t really care about my enjoying myself. Woburn Safari was different. We could drive through the safari as many times as we wanted to. They had a HUGE play area for the kids to play on. The animals were well taken care of and in as natural of habitats as possible.

We had a fantastic time! Here are some more pictures: Continue reading

Where in the World is FFS? (Part 1)

Wow. We made it. My eyes are blurry after about 2 hours of attempted sleep on the plane, but we are alive and well.

The day has not been without adventure, excitement, a little bit of stress, and laughter.

Here is the clue for Part 1.


Where are we? (We’re starting out easy…)

Leave a comment down below if you know!

Six Things You Don’t Want to Hear Your GPS Say to You

My husband and I are preparing for a long vacation. He found an iphone on sale at a yard sale and snatched it up and placed a GPS app on it for us to use.

Sounds great!

But the app only works if the phone is held flat.

And don’t touch the screen…bad things happen.gps clipart

So while we were experimenting with the GPS app, we jokingly came up with six things we wouldn’t want to hear from the GPS.

(The best way to read this list is with the nice sounding voice from the GPS.)

6. Don’t push my buttons or I’ll turn this car around!

5. Who’s driving this car?

4. I’m afraid we are lost.

3. We should have brought a map.

2. I am not stopping to ask directions!

and …

1. I sometimes get my rights and lefts mixed up!

Can you think of anything else a GPS might say? Please add to the list below.

God’s Wisdom for Mothers: Launching Our Kids Toward Their God-given Dreams

Be sure to check out Week 6: You’ve Got a Friend

What do your kids want to be when they grow up? Probably they will change their minds 3 to 4…6 or 7, times before they settle on something. What are you doing to help prepare them for God’s future? How are you helping your children to identify their dreams? Are you encouraging them to live for an audience of One?

Mom Time: Growing UpDSCN0613

What is a lesson you have learned about yourself since you became a mom? For me, I have learned how selfish I really am. I have also become more aware of my rebelliousness toward God and how amazing it is that God is patient and loving towards me. It is our job as parents to represent the character of God to our children. Through our guidance and training we want our children to grow in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man. (Luke 2:40) What dreams did you have as a child? What dreams are your children dreaming? “The most important thing I want for my children is for them to be holy. Happiness will follow if their hearts are right.” (114) Continue reading

God’s Wisdom for Mothers: You’ve Got a Friend

Be sure to check out Week 5: Discipline – Growing Christlike Character

This week was a hard lesson for me. This hits an area of my life where I have many insecurities. Friendship. It’s something we all treasure, yet when dealing with people, friendships can be the most complicated, messy things in our lives. But it is nice to know that whatever issues we might have with others, there will ALWAYS be One person on your side: God.

Mom Time: Who are your friends?

Abraham is known as “The friend of God.” That is so neat to me. I can just picture Abraham and God sitting under the tree outside the tent eating lunch and talking about all kinds of life issues. The Bible tells us this happened at least once, so the picture in my head isn’t without some truth. And if we have Jesus, if He lives inside of us, then we are considered His friends. He no longer calls us His servants, but His friends. God is your friend. He is on your side. He provides joy (Nehemiah 8:10) and we know that He is in charge of everything (Psalm 139:16). We are commanded to pray without ceasing because God wants constant fellowship with us. Continue reading

God’s Wisdom for Mothers: Growing Christlike Character

Be sure to check out Week 4: Disciplinpencilse – Do the Right Thing.

When was the last time your kids did something and you thought, Oh no! I do that!! Our kids watch everything we do, especially when we don’t realize it. Growing Christlike character in our own lives is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our kids.

Mom Time:

Choose to love selflessly – Read 1 John 3:16-18. These verses give great guidelines for loving others. What activities do you do, or involve your family in, to show love to others? “Talk is easy. Love-in-action takes effort…Jesus didn’t just talk about His love for us; He died on the cross to make sure we understood.” (82) Continue reading

God’s Wisdom for Mothers: Discipline – Do The Right Thing

Be sure to check out Week 3: Being Obedient – And Teaching Obedience.right-way-wrong-way1

Whether you like it or not, discipline is needed in life. “Discipline is the ability to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. Whether we’re talking about God’s discipline, a parent’s discipline, or self discipline, it really is a very good thing.” (61) Have you been disciplined by God recently? What about disciplining your kids? Are you lacking in the self discipline category? Continue reading

Beautiful Mama Blog Award

What a wonderful surprise to come home to tonight! Maria over at My Mom Thoughts nominated me for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award. With kids, homeschooling, church work, insecurities, house cleaning, gaining weight issues, gardening, life, life , life…there are many days when I don’t feel so beautiful. So this was quite an encouragement after a good, but long, day!

There are some things I’m supposed to do. I’m to share with you three things I love about motherhood and then nominate as many other mom blogs as I want.beautiful-mama-blog-award1

So let’s get busy.

Three things I love about motherhood:

  1. I love a lingering hug from my kids. You know, the one where they just won’t let go of your neck!
  2. I love getting to watch my kids learn, grow, and mature each and every day.
  3. I love going on dates with my husband and leaving the kids at home!



To accept the award, please do the following things:

  • Click the above award image, save it and use it in your acceptance post.
  • List 3 things you love about motherhood.
  • Nominate other deserving mamas; you may choose as many as you like. (And let them know of the nomination)

Congratulations to all…and if you don’t accept and pass on awards, that’s Ok. Please know that you are appreciated!!