In God I Boast ~ And God Laughed At My Fundraising

Elissa is such a sweet, bloggy friend of mine! I have enjoyed getting to know more about her over the past few months through our (in)courage group. I wrote a guest post for her a few weeks ago, and now it is her turn! As you read from my post yesterday, my family is smack in the middle of adoption proceedings. I think it’s rather appropriate for Elissa to share part of her own adoption story.

Let’s boast in the Lord together!!

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To My New Daughter

Dear Baby Doll~

I meet you today. You don’t know me yet. And I don’t know you.

I’ve seen a few pictures of you and your pretty blond, curly hair. You had on a Minnie Mouse shirt. Do you like Minnie Mouse?

I hear you like to wear bows in your hair and sparkly necklaces around your neck. We have plenty of each at our house. We even have sparkly fingernail polish. Won’t that be fun?

Our family has prayed for over 2 years for our Baby #3. When we filled out the paperwork at DSS and went through the 8 hour training course we had no idea we would be waiting so long. But God’s timing is perfect.

In a few hours when I see your tiny face and your large eyes, I hope you can’t see the trembling of my hands and the flutters of my heart.

I’m so scared you might not like me.

But even if you don’t like me, God has chosen to put us together. I will start out being your Foster Mama. And I pray that a judge will choose to let my family become your Forever Family through adoption.

You don’t know me yet; and I don’t know you. But I know the God who knows us both.

And I plan on introducing Him to you.

Your New Mama


Our Adoption Story: Paperwork!

I wrote this last October as my husband and I finished up the interviewing process to adopt through DSS. I thought I’d share it with you. I don’t know if we made the right decisions. We are on the waiting list. The waiting has been easy and hard at the same time. There are moments when I say, “God, where is my baby and let’s get going on this!” And then there are other moments of sheer panic when I think, “Change is coming!” Anyway, here is what I wrote the day after our DSS interview: Continue reading