The Blanket Story

I had a yard sale today. It went well. The kids even made a few dollars running a lemonade stand. I wanted to take just a minute to share “The Story of the Day” with you all.

I had all kinds of things on 5 long tables. It was a good yard sale! LOTS of kids’ clothes and items. And I had a stack of about 6 baby blankets collected over the years from my two wonderful children.

A lady customer walked up and was looking around. She saw the blankets and asked me how much I wanted for them. “$1.00 a blanket,” I replied, thinking that was a reasonable price for these really cute, soft blankets.

She responded back with, “I’d like to buy many of them. Would you take 50 cents for each? I give them to my dogs.”


She wanted my cute, snuggly baby blankets that I used for my precious children…for her DOGS.


I’m all for having pets. I have friends who treat their dogs better than people. And that’s fine, but don’t tell a Mama her little blankets of cuteness are going to be used to wrap up slobbery dogs.

One slobber does not equal another.

Have a great weekend!

SMILE!! It’s Friday!!!

Happy Day to you, Readers!!

I want to WELCOME all of the new faces that have joined the FFS community recently. I am excited that you chose to follow FFS either through email, WordPress, or Facebook.

For those who have been around FFS since the beginning, you might be noticing a few changes on the right of your computer screen. Over the past few weeks I have been learning, and trying new things, and praying…and you are beginning to see the fruit of some of my efforts. In fact, I have been amazed at how FFS has grown in the past week. It’s been an amazing thing to sit back in the computer chair and watch!!

There is one thing I want ALL of my Readers to know. Everything on FFS is FREE! I do not sell blog space to businesses. I do not have affiliate links. I do not make an income from this blog. Keeping a blog going is fun and hard work, but I really believe that the Gospel and education should be FREE.

The first week in August I’ll be posting about having a Christ-Focused Homeschool. That should be fun! I’ve been totally convicted already, but I am so glad I serve a Savior who forgives and picks us up after failure.

Later in August, Awana will begin again and I’ll be adding more Bible Lessons to the list. I’m excited to be working through the life of Jesus with the kids this year.

What else will be happening? I’ll be posting a few reviews here and there. I’m sure God will be teaching me something through Bible study which I’ll share in a devotion for you. Other than that…I don’t know. I have no idea what God will do with the FFS blog. But it is His.

ANNNDDD… always know I’m wanting to make you smile with the silliness of my family, so here is your Smile!! It’s Friday!! smile:



Six Things You Don’t Want to Hear Your GPS Say to You

My husband and I are preparing for a long vacation. He found an iphone on sale at a yard sale and snatched it up and placed a GPS app on it for us to use.

Sounds great!

But the app only works if the phone is held flat.

And don’t touch the screen…bad things happen.gps clipart

So while we were experimenting with the GPS app, we jokingly came up with six things we wouldn’t want to hear from the GPS.

(The best way to read this list is with the nice sounding voice from the GPS.)

6. Don’t push my buttons or I’ll turn this car around!

5. Who’s driving this car?

4. I’m afraid we are lost.

3. We should have brought a map.

2. I am not stopping to ask directions!

and …

1. I sometimes get my rights and lefts mixed up!

Can you think of anything else a GPS might say? Please add to the list below.

How to Host a 6 Year Old’s Military Themed Birthday Party


It happened.

My son can no longer be considered as a preschooler, but as a young boy. I can’t believe my Miracle Baby is 6 years old! Where does the time go?

So RB wanted a Military Birthday Party. It was a fun theme.

Here is what we did:

1. We kept it simple and as cheap as possible. For past birthdays I’ve been more frivolous, so this was a good challenge for me. Simple table cloths, balloons, homemade cake with ice cream, and small goody bags. Nothing stressful.

military birthday party Continue reading

A Visit to the “Beauty Parlor”

It was called the “Hair and Lips Center.” I was invited by two short people to have my hair and lips “done.” All  of the supplies were spread out over the footstool and a small chair was in front for me to sit in. I had a nice pile of Little Critter books to read while “Andi and Joe” were working on my hair.hair1

I had two colors of sparkle lip gloss put on; a comb stuck on the side of my head and hair bows all over. Continue reading

SMILE! It’s Friday! ~ Baby Shower

I was invited to a baby shower today. I don’t know about you, but when I’m invited to events, I try very hard to make sure I can go. This was no different. I received the invitation around 9:45 this morning and the baby shower was to take place….um, then.

In the living room.

My living room.

There was a mound of “gifts” in the middle of the room.

The Little Mama sat on the couch and RB sat next to her. I was to be the camera person and sit on the chair opposite the present opening.

DSC_0233 Continue reading