Homeschool in a Box!!

Homeschool in a box

So I had this idea…what if I could find another homeschool mom living in some other state who would be willing to swap homeschool boxes with me? Then I thought, why another state? Another state would be great, BUT what about my friend Heather, at Only Passionate Curiosity, who is over in Germany right now? She agreed to partner with me, and we proceeded to work on our Homeschool in a Box project!

Homeschool in a What?

YES! a box! We gathered up all kinds of fun little doodads, books, pictures, items, recipes, food, etc, etc. to represent our state and put everything in a box. Heather and I agreed to stay close to a budget of $25.00 plus postage.

The kids had so much fun choosing items to put in the box. In the process, they learned a little bit of state history. Once we had everything gathered, then we shipped it to our friends. All we had to do now was wait to receive our virtual field trip from Germany.

The Box from Germany

The children were SO excited when the box from Germany arrived! They dove right into it and opened the box. {I’m not sure why RB’s socks are only half way on his feet…}


Once they got the box open we were greeted by a sweet letter from the other family. The note included where they were located and little about their family.


Then the kids started looking at all of the goodies. I couldn’t even get a picture as they were taking them out! Things were moving too fast! One child took a toy and went one way, the other kid picked up a book and tried to read German. It was so fun and exciting!!


Finally I was able to group everything together!


And then the children tasted some of the German goodies. THESE things were M.E.S.S.Y!


Heather included food that was packaged in Germany which meant…the directions were in GERMAN! Yep, that was fun.

The children learned about European money, German words, food, and fun toys that are different than the ones we have here in the states. I loved how Heather labeled each item to give a short explanation about it. Her family is from the states, so she would know about what we sent them; but I would not have known much about what they sent us without those explanations!

What was your favorite part about the Homeschool in a Box?

RB: “The police car was my favorite!”
Sweet Cheeks: “I really liked the cash register!”
Mama: “I LOVED the Coo-coo clock! And listening to my husband try to read the German book was hilarious, and, perhaps, violent sounding.”

If you’d like to see what we sent in our box to Germany, check out Heather’s post HERE.

4 comments on “Homeschool in a Box!!

  1. Toll! Jetz habe ich heimweh…
    Cool! Now I’m homesick….
    What a great idea. Talk about helping kids *feel* the reality and differences between home and other places! Even little kids picture books show how different ordinary things are. The squirrels look like Squirrel Nutkin and the bumblebees have white bottom ends, and there are real castles.
    Have fun!

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