FFS is Looking for Guest Writers and Bloggers

boast in GodHello Readers!

Next month, a new installment of “I Will Boast in God” will begin. That means I am looking for people willing to write a short “boast” that will encourage believers in their walk with the Lord.

So many times we get tunnel vision as we go about life. We forget that God is at work around us. I want this series to show how God is at work everywhere and every day. If you have a story that boasts in the majesty and glory of our Creator, please consider submitting it for the series.

Here are the requirements for a submission:

1) It should be no more than 450 words.
2) The article should be about a time, past or present, when you could, or can now, see God at work in your life.
3) Include a Bible story, character, scripture, or life verse that encouraged you during this time period.
4) Include 1-2 pictures.
5) End your article with the sentence: “I will boast in the Lord!”
5) Include a short blurb at the very end about your blog, if you have one. Something like: John can be found wrestling bears when he isn’t writing for his blog “All Creatures Great and Small.”

Keep in mind, you DO NOT have to have a blog to submit an article. If you choose to submit an article, please comment below or email me at future.flying.saucers@klopex.com so I can give you a scheduled date.

Example articles from the “I Will Boast in God” series:

img_00301I Will Boast in God ~ Finishing Well

Not a Sparrow Falls Verse_thumb[1]I Will Boast in God ~ His Eye is on the Sparrow

img_9606I Will Boast in God ~ The Lord is Good

5 comments on “FFS is Looking for Guest Writers and Bloggers

  1. Sounds like an awesome series. I still miss my ladies group where we shared “God watches” every week. I’m moving right now, but would love to do a story for you towards the end of September. 🙂

  2. I would be interested in your november date. My blog is about raising God’s special blessings with asperger’s & ADHD an area where we constantly need to feel God’s hand in our lives. I’d love to share some of that with your readers

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