Where in the World is FFS? (Woburn Safari Park and Clue 4)

So were you able to figure out the Part 3 location? The answer is Woburn Safari Park. What an amazing adventure that was!! This place has their act together. The place was clean. The price was good for what we received. We bought all inclusive tickets which gave us entry into the park, we each received a hot meal and a drink, and we were able to see the sea lion show.

I highly recommend this place. At many entertainment parks in the US, I always feel like the park just wants my money. They don’t really care about my enjoying myself. Woburn Safari was different. We could drive through the safari as many times as we wanted to. They had a HUGE play area for the kids to play on. The animals were well taken care of and in as natural of habitats as possible.

We had a fantastic time! Here are some more pictures:











Now it is time for the next clue. This will be a super easy one. (My husband told me my clues were too hard. Sorry about that!)

Try this one. I wish I could have been in a helicopter to take a better picture. Where in the world are we?

If you know, please leave your answer in the comments below.

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