Weight Loss: From Permissible to Beneficial

For those of you who may have just joined my blog, I have been working through the Bible study Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. If you look up in the heading, you’ll find the back lessons under Adult Bible Studies. I’ve been watching the videos and working through the study book. My friend, Audria, over at The Well has completed the study as well. Please take a moment to click over to her page and read her results and life changes. She has been much more diligent than me. I’m afraid I have dragged my feet quite a bit. And I think I know why.

I’ll admit it. I have a food addiction. I’ve had the mindset that all food is permissible, so eat it all. But that’s not Biblical. Yes, everything is permissible, but not everything is BENEFICIAL. So my battle is not with food, it isn’t with the scale, it isn’t with the skinny jeans…

My battle is in my head. And my mind is supposed to be transformed and renewed! But let me tell you, it is a HARD process!! It is a SLOW process!!

In the video, Lysa talks about the mightiness and magnificence of God and how we forget to see that in the world around us. We get so focused on ourselves: where we have to get to, what we have to buy, what we have on our to-do lists.

When was the last time you thought about the wonder of flying on an airplane? People walk onto a skinny tube of metal and it then defies gravity through the use of physics. And then the tube lands without busting up into little pieces. THAT is amazing!!

Yet we focus on the lack of space in the seating, the fact we have to pay for peanuts, and that we have to take our shoes off to be checked in.

We miss the clouds. We demand the food, or the manna in the Israelites’ case, and forget about God. I must depend upon God DAILY. God supplied a daily amount of manna. No more, no less. God is my portion forever. (Psa.73:26) The Lord is my portion. (Lam. 3:22-24) God gives me my daily bread. (Matt. 6:9-10) If the food is beneficial, then eat it. If it isn’t, then choose something else, turn away, and see God’s magnificence.

My body should be a reflection of what I believe to be True about God. I am God’s temple. If I believe that, then I MUST LIVE IT!

The only way to transform the mind is to wash it clean with Truth. And I must confess, I have not been in the Word regularly. I haven’t been praying as I should. I’d love to give every excuse in the book as to why I haven’t done it, but all it would be is a pity party.

I’m a sinner.
And I’m saved by GRACE.
God is my portion. He is enough. His grace is sufficient for me.

I want some of the chocolate that is sitting on the counter right now, but instead I am writing this post to you, my wonderful Readers. But it is through His strength, His power, and the leading of the Holy Spirit that will allow me to overcome. I am more than a conqueror.

Lysa mentions Revelation 2:17 where Jesus gives to those who overcome a NEW NAME. So at the end of the video she assigns the task of calling myself by a new name. Her examples were “Courage” or “Victory.” And she based those names on scripture.

I love Proverbs 31. And I know I miss the mark so much, but verses 25-26 have always stood out to me. I’m going to try calling myself by a new name. I can’t call myself fat, ugly, too tall, judgmental, pig, loser, or horrible person anymore. I wouldn’t except some other person saying that to my face. How can I except my saying those words to myself?

I have to transform my mind and call myself by a new name. I would love to be Kind and covered with Dignity. Kind Dignity. I like it.

I will be calling myself by a new name…and in church Sunday I will singing the song, “Your Great Name” to my Heavenly Father. I can’t think of anything more awesome than that!

8 comments on “Weight Loss: From Permissible to Beneficial

  1. For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world-our faith. 1 John 5:4
    I love you and think you are beautiful, inside and out!

  2. Thank you for going on this journey with me. Sometimes just knowing you were with me really helped me to push forward when I just wanted to stop. You inspire me and bless me!

  3. I love your transparency.. thank you for being so straight up and open about this horrible addiction. It is an ongoing battle of the mind. I have gone through a ministry called ‘the Ultimate Journey’ ..used to be called Christ Life if you wanted to check in on it. During the phase 3 of that, we ask the Lord what our new name is.. and mine is Jewel. …you are a treasure in His eyes, He looks at the heart. Thank you for sharing your heart with this little portion of the world..

    • I want revival in our country…but it starts with each person’s willingness to confess sins and get right with the Lord. I have been through the ringer, especially the last few months, but God WILL be glorified no matter what! May the words that come from me lift Him up and show that I am nothing without my Lord. 🙂

  4. I understand! As I am reading your posts, I am fighting to resist the temptation to eat ice cream like my husband…. He has back surgery, has to lay around, and looses 15 pounds…me? I find it.
    However, when these temptations hit to raid the pantry… It helps to know that I will just be giving into my “lust” for food…. It is an addiction! Thankful that praying can help!

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