Pursuing Godliness – 1 Timothy 6:11-21 Flee and Pursue

Materials: Bible, scrap paper or spiral notebook, colored pencils (optional);

All of the Pursuing Godliness quotes from Elizabeth George come from this study unless noted otherwise.

1) Please read 1 Timothy 6:11-21 If you would like to mark the key words and phrases in your Bible here is a list: teach, faith, doctrine, godliness, money/riches, all references to the devil, all references to prayer.

2) What does Paul tell us to flee and what 6 things are we to pursue? The list given in these verses goes right along with the fruit of the Spirit list Paul gives us in Galatians. And Paul commands us to fight the good fight and lay hold of eternal life. These actions are to be continuous. We are to keep on keeping on. “It means to be ever fleeing [sin], to never let them catch you, to realize that the margin of safety can never be too great.” Flee sin!! Pursue godliness!

3) Against what temptations are the rich warned and what duties are the rich to be engaged in? Jesus tells us where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also. We need to beware of greed and be rich toward God. Life does not consist of possessions. Obviously God blesses His children, but we need to always realize that all possessions will one day be taken from us when we die. But eternal life is…well, eternal!

4) What does your checkbook look like?  Your checkbook is a story teller. It can tell where your heart is. Does your treasure go to the mall…or to the church? Does your treasure go toward expensive toys…or charity for the poor? “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” ~ Jim Elliot

5) What is Timothy to guard and what is he to avoid? The phrase “to guard” means “to stand as a watchman.” We are to guard the truth of the gospel and not participate in vain babbling. “It is so easy to get caught up in profane and idle babblings! Who are you giving the most input into your life? Are you reading wholesome and healthy material, or are you feeding on the profane (irrelevant)? Are your talks with both believers and unbelievers focused on God and His Word? Are your studies centered on the pure milk and meat of the Word?”

Conclusion: I know that I need to flee sin and pursue the characteristics of godliness: righteousness, faith, patience, gentleness, good works, and good doctrine. Paul ends his letter to Timothy with the words, “Grace be with you.” The word used for “you” is plural, not singular. So in essence, Paul is telling us as well, “Grace be with you.” And we need God’s grace every day. May you treasure His grace and grow in godliness.

Dear Reader, if you made it this far through the study, then you have reached the finish line. There are very few who made it. I pray that God will bless you as you study His word. Thank you for sticking with me to the end. I hope you learned something. I know I was stretched beyond where I was. I am seeking my God and I know I am finding Him.

Love and Grace to you!

Thoughts? Feel free to share.

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