And Another Award…

This has been the week of awards! This “Lovely Blog” award comes from Betsy over at ParentingisFunny. I know these awards are kinda “chain letterish,” but they can be good fun and I’ve found some really wonderful blogs (and people!) doing these things. Awards really are a fun way to build community in the blogosphere. (Is that an ok word to use?) So here is one more award to pass on.

Here are my nominations for the “Lovely Blog” award:

The Random Path – On the path to simple living and financial stability.

Spotlight316 – Wonderful encouragement!

Music for Little Learners – I love her ideas to teach beautiful music to my children

A Detailed House – Just looking through her blog motivates me to make my home nicer.

Journey of My Butterflies –  I love her title and the description of her blog!

Please go check out these blogs. Spread a little blogging love. Be encouraging to them.

At this point I feel the need to say, “Peace Out!” but that is SO not my personality.


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