Over this next week I am going to run a Give-Away for YOU, my READERS! FUN! I’m offering a prize and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment! Let me explain:

I’m always looking forward to the next thing I am going to study in the scriptures.

The Competition:
There are so many different things to learn from the Bible and methods with which to learn them. I’ve done topic studies, books of the Bible studies, inductive studies, simple studies, meaty studies. You get the drift. So this forms the competition. After I finish the study I’m currently doing (Pursuing Godliness), then I will need to begin another Bible study.

How To Enter:
Your task is to leave a comment below on what you, the Reader, would like for me to study next in the scriptures. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and things I learn with you. Therefore, I want your input. A Book of the Bible, parenting, children, character building, marriage whatever…you tell me what you want to read about!

The Prize:
I have 4 new books worth over $30 to give away. One of them is the Pursuing Godliness study I am going through now. Also included is a Women of Faith study called Managing Your Moods; and a Beth Moore booklet based on her book, So Long Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend of Mine. The last book is a beautiful one called Prayers for the Moment by Jim and Kaye Johns. Now men, don’t feel left out! Think of how wonderful your wife will think you are if you win her some studies!!

I will have my husband choose a random number depending upon the number of comments. I’ll plan on shipping the books through media mail.

Entries begin today and the competition will close noon, Thursday, June 15 EST. I’ll announce the winner Friday.

4 comments on “BIBLE STUDY GIVE-AWAY!!!!

  1. I have just recently re- read the books of Ruth and Esther. Both of them were strong women who waited on the Lord. Are there any Bible studies about either of these women? I haven’t researched it yet but either of those books would make a great study.

  2. You can never go wrong studying marriage, the characteristics of a good wife, and submission!!! There are lots of good studies on those topics… I’d love to win those books! 🙂

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