I’ve Been Given an Award!

Many thanks to ForHisGloryandHisPraise  AND The Homestead at Spring Creek  for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award! Because I am new at blogging, I needed to do some research into blogging awards, why they exist, and how to go about responding. I learned that the main reason that blogging awards are given is to create community in the blogging world. I like that! These awards are also given so readers can learn more about the blogger. (More about that later.)

The requirements for this blog reward are to recognize the blog who gave you the award in a post, write 7 things about myself that others may not know, and then nominate another 15-20 blogs for the award. Here we go!

About Myself:
1) My husband is a computer programmer which means he knows a lot about computers. He also knows a lot about how and why large companies (like Google, FaceBook, etc.) like to gain as much info on people as possible. Therefore, I have chosen to be as anonymous on this blog as possible. Some of my readers know exactly who I am, others of you do not, and that is fine. Therefore, I am going to be more “aloof” about facts about myself. Just know that I love you all and I think you are fantastic!

2) The main reason I wanted to start this blog was to share my Awana lessons with others. Now that I’ve gotten into this, the site has morphed into a “Versatile” Blog, which has been fun! But I’m not sure if I should continue publishing my lessons. I guess I need your feedback on that…

3) I have over 4,000 hits on my blog, but 1,030 of those are on one post. My “Awesome Children’s Salvation Message Object Lesson” exploded with over 500 hits in one day and traveled to 10 countries. That was a TOTAL God thing. And I hope it travels the world. My main goals in life are to spread the gospel and to help disciple others. Please spread the Good News!!

4) The Valentine’s Day lesson that I did back in February was mightily used by God, as well. There were 9 salvations and 2 rededications after I gave that message at Awana that night. This past Sunday, five of those kids were baptized. Praise be to God!

5) I’m a baseball fan.

6) Chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream is my favorite. (In fact, my wonderful husband is on his way to buy me some right now!)

7) I’ll be married 13 years May 8th. 🙂
My Nominations:
Because these awards are being handed out in the “Spirit of Community,” I am going to be giving these out to those who have shared that attitude with me, either by comments on my blog, or by my following their blog. These are in no particular order.

1) Blog. Blog Like the Wind – This writer is a wonderful sister in Christ to me and I love her dearly! She is a main reason why I started this entire adventure and if I EVER need a laugh, I head over to her blog. I usually end up ROFL after I read her posts. PLUS she has a personal problem with the state of Louisiana. SO funny!

2) Life’s Funny Sometimes – This writer is my favorite sister! She writes about homeschooling her 7 children, recipes, activities, all kinds of stuff!

3) Me – Walking Faithfully – This writer is another beautiful sister in Christ. I love her honesty and how much she desires to serve the lord by helping others who have been where she has walked.

4) Donna’s Path – Another sister in Christ! I love how Donna has found lessons in history that teach God’s ways. And it looks like Donna was nominated for this award by The Homestead at Spring Creek as well!!

5) Miss State Jones – GREAT Homeschooling ideas!

6) The Random Path – The quote on the side of her blog is one of my favorites!!

7) Where My Treasure Is – Another sister who loves the Lord, is a homeschooling mom…AND I knew the picture was a crawdad!

8) It’s a God Thing – This young lady was one of the first followers of my blog. I appreciate her giving me a chance!

9) Fish Out of Water – Another homeschooling mom, like me, trying to figure it all out. Love it!

10) Students at Home – We homeschool moms MUST stick together!! Here’s another great blog!

11) A Doug’s Life –  Doug is the only man on the list! Sorry men! But I enjoy Doug’s blog so much! He is honest and speaks God’s Truth when he writes.

12) Keeping It Real in this Journey of Life – This writer takes 1 picture of her life a day and journals about it. Very neat! She has also been a good encourager to me!

Honorable Mentions: (Because these have already received this award already!)

13) Creation Science 4 Kids – I find this blog so fascinating! And the writer is fast becoming a good friend across the blogging air waves.

14) Loved By The King – I have appreciated her comments SO much!! They are SO sunshiney!

15) Did Jesus Have a Facebook Page? – Her “likes” kept me going in the beginnings of this “blogging” world. Thank you!!
So there you have it. I hope that my future posts will continue in the pattern I have set…and that the Lord receives all of the praise.

Thank you. (I hope I contacted everyone listed above. I’m so afraid I missed someone!!)

11 comments on “I’ve Been Given an Award!

  1. Congratulations on being chosen…you know I think you deserve it, and thank you for researching the whole award thing as well. I can’t wait to check out those lessons on salvation for children, and the sites you listed.

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  4. Thanks for the nomination! I also enjoying reading 7 things about you and checking out the linked blogs.

  5. Thank you so much for nomination! I really really do appreciate your consideration! I will accept it and pass it along very soon. Thank you so much again! Press on my friend! Galatians 6:9

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